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Message on the Disastrous Tsounami that hit Southeast Asia after the earthquake(01/01/05).


It is with great pain that we closely watch the tragic aftermath of the terrible earthquake, as well as the tidal waves that followed, that took place in the area of Indonesia a few days ago, annihilating more than one hundred thousand fellow human beings. This tragedy has sank to total abjection more than five million people who are now homeless, having lost everything essential for survival.

Since we are not able to offer the necessary material help for the ease and relief of this unbearable pain and of the immeasurable needs of our fellow human beings that are in these horrible conditions, we are appealing to all those who can afford to offer, to aid with all their generosity, whether a little or a lot, those in need. We also raise our hearts and hands to God in the highest, and we fervently pray to Him to condone the sins of human kind; to send upon each and every afflicted soul His infinite mercy; to comfort the mourners for the loss of their relatives; to attend to those who were stricken; to heal the sick; to inspirit and encourage the philanthropists, so they will offer their help in abundance to all those who are in need.

Today, the first day of the New Year, in our Sacred Patriarchal Cathedral, we have offered a special prayer to God, asking Him for His mercy for both the living and deceased.

May God accept the repentance of humankind and not allow any similar catastrophe from happening anywhere in the world. Amen.

Your fervent supplicant before God
+ Bartholomew of Constantinople