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Letter of Reply from His Most Godly Beatitude Patriarch Theodoros II of Alexandria to His All-Holiness the Most Godly Oecumenical Patriarch Vartholomaeos concerning the election of His Grace Bishop Basil of Amphipolis (dated 19th June 2006).


Protocol Number 1351.
All-Holy and Most Godly Archbishop of Constantinople, New Rome and Oecumenical Patriarch, most beloved and dearest brother and concelebrant of our Humility, Lord Vartholomaeos, embracing Your beloved All-Holiness in the Lord, we greet you with very great pleasure.

With great joy we have received Your letter of the 8th of the present month of June relating to the election of Bishop Basil of Sergievo as bishop of the once-illustrious See of Amphipolis and his incardination into the Hierarchy of the Oecumenical Throne, and we warmly thank Your All-Holiness, who is most beloved by us.

At the same time, we brotherly inform You that we agree fully with that to which You refer in detail and by way of explanation and we shall co-operate to the fullest in the upholding of the legal and canonical order and Tradition of our Orthodox Church.

Therefore, thanking You once again for both the information and the courtesy, in love and great joy we greet You, praying that God may strengthen You in Your work and exalted mission, and we embrace Your brotherly-beloved All-Holiness in a holy kiss, remaining a beloved Brother of Yours in the Lord.

+Theodoros II of Alexandria
In the Great City of Alexandria 19th June 2006