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Dionysios I

Dionysios was born in Dimitsana of Peloponnese. He became a monk in the holy Magganon monastery in Constantinople, where he progressed in goodness and piety under the supervision of his spiritual father, St Mark the Eugenikos, Metropolitan of Ephesus, who ordained him into Deaconate and Priesthood.

He was kept captive by the Turks in Adrianoupolis, but was freed by the noble Kyritzis, and was ordained Metropolitan of Philippoupolis by the Ecumenical Patriarch Gennadios the Scholar. In January 1467 he ascended onto the Ecumenical throne of Constantinople at the protection of the christian step-mother of sultan Mechmet II, madam-Maro, and shepherded his flock until 1472.

We was maliciously accused that during his captivity in Adrianoupolis he renounced the faith and accepted circumsition. He proved that the accusation was false in front of a panel of hierachs and laity "by showing his flesh to all the people", and all saw "his innocency and virginity..., because there was not a sign of flesh in him, but rather a small piece of skip...", and he departed to the Monastery of Eikosifinissa in Drama, where he also stayed after his second patriarchy (1488-1490) until his death in 1492. He is considered the second founder of that Monastery.

The Church has acknowledged him as a Saint; his memory is kept on November 23rd. A service and a canon to his honour have been written by his contemporary Great Rhetor of the Great Church, Manuel the Corinthian, another canon has been composed by the arch-chancellor Chrysanthos of Xanthe.