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Stachys the Apostle

The Apostle Stachys was one of the Seventy Apostles of the Lord. In 38 AD Apostle Andrew appointed him first bishop of the city of Byzantium, which three centuries later would be renamed into Constantinople. According to the synaxarion, he built a church in which many Christians were gathering. There he teached and shepherded his flock. He lived 16 years in the apostolic preaching, and rested peacefully in the Lord.

As a disciple of the Lord he was 'an all-bright beacon of Christ', 'a pure vessel' full of Holy Spirit, and 'a pillar of the Church'. He was named a saint of the Church, and his memory is kept on October 31st, together with the holy Apostles Apellos, Amplias, Ourvanos, Aristovoulos, and Narkissos.