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Dorotheos mentions him as Titus; so do the lists of Patriarch Nicephorus and of Kallistos Xanthopoulos. The list of Leunclavii, however, calls him Tratus. Matthew Kigalas wrote «Τάρατος ὁ καὶ Τίτος» (Tratus, who is also known as Titus), which was so altered by Philip the Cypriot, that it became unrecognisable: namely «Τάρατος, ὁ Κιτήτης» (Taratus, the Kitetes).

In some lists, Titus appears to have been a Bishop for 35 years and 6 months: but in the more ancients lists, only 30 years. The fewer years, the more correct does the chronology appear.

Under Titos, the persecutions of Decius, Gallus and Valerianus against the Christians took place.

The Synaxarion of Nikodemos commemorates blessed Titos on the 4th of June.