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Metrophanes I

St Metrophanes lived in the years of Great Constantine, the first king of the Christians. He was son of Dometius and brother of Probus, who also served as Bishops of Byzantium. After the death of Probus in 306, Metrophanes succeded him in the patriarchal throne.

As Great Constantine wanted to found the new capital of the Roman state, he found Metrophanes as Bishop og Byzantium, and marvelled at his virtue, honesty, and holiness. It would not extreme to say that Constantine chose Byzantium as the new capital of the state more because of this holy Bishop, than because of the good location of the city at the merge-point of Europe and Asia, and its protection by sea.

Blessed Metrophanes could now partake in the first Ecumenical Council, which was held at Nicea, due to age and ill health (he was already lying in bed). He sent instead Alexander, the first among the presvyters, an honest man, whom he destined as his successor. For it is said that, when the Council had ended and the king with the god-bearing fathers returned, he was told by God that Alexander, and afer him Paul, pleased God, and are good for this position. The blessed fell asleep, rested and went to God. His holy memory is kept by the Holy Great Church on the 4th of June.