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Anthimos VI

His descent was from the village of Koutale in Propontis. Before becoming a Patriarch, he was Metropolitan of Serres (1829-1833), Prousa (1833-1837) and Ephesus (1837-1845). The three periods of his patriarchy were linked with the solution of imporant matters for the Ecumenical throne in spite of his unstable character. During his first patriarchy, there were issued: rule for the schools fot the Patriarchate, an encyclical forbidding the introduction of tetraphonic music, a canonical order against the ordainment to Episcopacy of married clergy, and a confirmation of the thesis of Konstantinos Oikonomou Regarding the 70 explanators as containing the unblemished teachings of devoutness and piety. During his third patriarchy in 1872 he called a large local synod in Constantinople, which proclaimed the Bulgarian Church as schismatic.